Here to help with all your Fire Door Inspection and Safety requirements

About Fire Door Inspect

Who are we

Fire Door Inspect Limited is a professional and friendly organisation with a fully qualified team of Fire Safety Inspectors who aim to give you all the help, advice and guidance you require to ensure you conform to fire safety regulations.

Our expert fire inspection service

We offer a professional and expert fire inspection service that is independent and tailored to your individual requirements.  Our Inspectors are certificated to carry out the inspection of your building’s fire doors and prepare a detailed survey report on how safe the fire doors on your premises are.

Our Certificated Inspectors are fully qualified under the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) and have been independently assessed by a third party organisation; Exova Warringtonfire.

Fire door safety legislation

Legislation in England and Wales stated that if you’re an employer, owner, landlord or occupier of business or non-domestic premises, and you are made the ‘responsible person’ for the fire safety in a building – you are therefore responsible for taking the necessary steps to protect occupants in your business or premises from the risk of fire. It is therefore your duty of care to ensure that all your passive and active fire protection is under a sustained, suitable and sufficient programme of inspection and maintenance.

Fully audited inspections and reporting

The fire safety process always starts with a fire risk assessment. If your knowledge or experience with fire doors is limited you can contact us for advise as to when you would need to appoint a ‘competent person’ to help with your fire door requirements. If you’re not sure if your risk assessment has been carried out properly, your local fire and rescue authority might be able to give you advice, although they can’t carry out risk assessments for you.

Therefore, It is important to get a Certificated Fire Door Safety Inspection carried out in your premises to ensure all components of your fire doors are compliant with fire safety legislations.

Peace of mind

Fire Door Inspect Limited can give you this peace of mind and provide a full audited inspection and report on the functionality of every fire door in your premises which the designated responsible person can use as a part of their fire risk assessment of the building.

The report will also detail any work that is required to be carried out and a label will be attached upon inspection, to each fire door indicating when the inspection was undertaken, and demonstrating to the users of the building that the doors have been surveyed professionally.

Our Certificated Inspectors are fully qualified under the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS)